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We appreciate you taking the time to watch our video, hopefully you learned something new!

Below you will find some more detailed videos, a PDF of the 60+ ways to use a Kangen Machine as well as a handful of testimonies.


After you have reviewed this info we will set up a call with you to discuss options and answer any other questions you have.


Betty (Ghana)


My name is Betty Bonsu, aged 54. I've been using crutches because of knee problems. It was so painfully swollen I had to undergo surgical operations. My weight was also an issue - had very high cholesterol and BP, glaucoma, and later on diabetes type 2, as a result. 


My doctor advised, after surgery, that I should do a lot of exercises, like jogging, walking and gym, while taking my medications regularly. In that painful state, I preferred going for 3km walk everyday, with slow start and lots of efforts. Sometimes I paused 2 times or more, rest for a while, before completing the distance, in both directions.


The turn-around came when I was offered Kangen water to try. As a professional nurse/midwife, I was very skeptical at first. "What can ordinary water do for me when even better medication is not making me feel any better?"


After second thought and persuasion, I drank the water for one week. The result was incredible! Full of energy, I realized I could do my normal 3km walk, both ways, without stopping by to rest on the way; thus reducing the timing from 2hours to 29 minutes, from size 22 to size 18, and most importantly, without the use of clutches any longer.


My medical report last month was even  far more spectacular; my BP and cholesterol were normal, the painful swollen knees and joints, together with diabetes, all disappeared!

And guess what... no more medications! Hurray!!

Danica (Canada)


I've struggled with eczema since I was 5 years old and was prescribed hydrocortisone cream to help it. I did not realize it was a topical steroid(drugs)!

Long story short, the more cream I used, the worse it got.. and it spread all over my body! Doctors told me it was chronic eczema and upped my dose!

It got so bad I was food intolerant to basically everything and had bad flare ups. I was forced to quit my job and go on sick EI, I decided to do my own research and came across Topical Steroid Withdrawal..


Unfortunately there is no overnight remedy so I drank 9.5pH kangen water and used 6.0pH “beauty” water to spray on my skin in hopes to cure my skin faster.

This first picture is how bad my withdrawals got.

In the next 2 pics I did some experimenting with kangen water.. 1 week drinking it and one week without. I experimented for 2 months so I had an idea of just how good this HOLY WATER IS !!

Luckily I got involved with Enagic at just the right time. Having my own business and my Kangen water machine saved me because it should've taken 2 YEARS to clear my skin up.

It was almost a blessing in disguise because I am at such a good place right now! Today my skin is CLEAR!!!! Feeling so blessed

Bennette (UK)


Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity , however, may the Almighty God name be blessed. To start with I am having health issues about ten years ago the following are the health problems I am having namely Acidity, Heartburn, Indigestion, Stomach Discomfort, Constipation, Trap wind Parkinson and Diabetes. Andy introduce Kangen water to me he started sharing the water to me l starts drinking it before COVID-19 and it was working perfectly for me so because of COVID-19 he discontinued given me the water because it was good to for me I decided to buy Enagic now all the sickness starts to disappear the sleepless night, low blood pressure, low sugar, Dizziness, general body pains and leg pains improved I starts walking that is my story if you want to see and know about Enagic buy one to drink fresh for you to see difference!

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